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Community Update February 1st, 2018: New Tutorials & Forms!

Shane Boland

Hello all, It’s time for another weekly update! *Recent Developments:* Here are the top things we worked on this week: • We tested some new techniques for making growth forms that you can replicate at home. If you want to try out these techniques check out our newest tutorial, How to Make Your Own Growth Forms! (this has been moved to the Forum under _Growth Forms_) • We released 2 new growth forms this week, the [round planter]( and the [square planter]( The round planter is a great example of using found items for your growth forms. It’s just a standard deli cup! *Upcoming Developments:* Look forward to these things coming out next week: • Grant is designing a new logo for! • Next week we will be releasing an updated version of the square tile growth form. The new version of the tile will have gridlines on the top of the tile. [The new Square Tile design](// *Question of the week!* What tutorial do you want to see next? Email us or leave a comment below. Okay, that’s all folks! - Shane at