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Community Update February 15th, 2018: Free Bear, Guaranteed to Grow Policy

Shane Boland

Happy Thursday all, It’s time for the weekly update! [Watch on YouTube: New Instagram Account, Guaranteed to Grow, and more! | Community Update - Feb 15th, 2018]( *This Week in* Here are some things we worked on this week: • Brand new camera! Our [first video update]( was filmed using a cellphone. Now we have a real camera to help us take product photos, shoot video, and document the experiments we are working on. • We’re very excited to announce our new policy, [Guaranteed to Grow]( If we send you a bag of mycelium material, and it doesn’t grow, we will send you a new one! No questions asked. Whether it was our fault or your fault, we will replace your order free of charge. • We created a Instagram account ([](! If you want to see what we’re working on day to day and check out cutting edge biomaterial projects, follow us on Instagram. • Grant made a new lo go for! *Next Week in* Look forward to these things coming out next week: • A lot of people ask us about making large panels. They want to grow things like insulation panels, large shapes, table tops, etc. We are going to grow a large panel here at and document every step of the way. We will show you the best way to aerate it, how to make the molds, everything you need to know to grow your own large panel! • A lot of hard surfaces that are currently out there require using toxic materials and adhesives. Next week, we are going to start experimenting with _growing_ a hard surface into the mycelium (for example, for use in a table top). We are thinking of trying thin wooden panels, carbon fiber, and hemp mats. • Alex is starting a nutrient study to find additives that will make your material stronger, fluffier, more moldable, flame retardant, and even 3D-printable! • Grant is designing a new growth form, a brick! It will be out on the Shop next week. • When you’re growing a part, you might notice that you get varying results in how dry it is, how much overgrowth you have, the texture of the material. Sometimes you might even see fruiting mushroom bodies start to develop! Next week we will be launching a set of tips & tricks about how to achieve the results you want. *Wrapping Up* Last week we said we’d give a free mycelium bear to our favorite commenter. We decided to pick two winners, one from the community update post on the website and one from YouTube! Congratulations to Nelson Figueroa and Justin Morris-Marano. Please [email us]( to get your free bear! Okay, that’s all for this week folks! - Shane at