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Community Update February 8th, 2018: Our First Video

Shane Boland

Hello all, It’s time for another weekly update! One quick thing before we jump in...we are going to try out publishing the Community Updates as videos from now on! You can watch this week’s update below: [Our first video! | Community Update - Feb 8th, 2018]( *Recent Developments:* Here are some of the things we’ve been working on this week: • If you visit the product pages for the [mycelium material](, you will notice we now have bulk pricing options! We are hoping this will incentivize people to build some large projects and maybe even start a business selling their mycelium products! • We have made some major improvements to the way we ship international orders. This will result in fewer packages getting delayed by customs. • The updated design for the [Square Tile growth form]( (with gridlines on top) was released today. Go check it out! • Alex has started ru nning a 10-week long shelf life study on the Aspen, Flax, Hemp, and Kenaf blends. He is simultaneously testing shelf life for bags being stored at room temperature and bags being stored inside a fridge. This study will allow us to accurately tell you the shelf life for each blend. *Upcoming Developments:* A few things to look forward to next week: • A lot of our customers are teachers and students. Next week we will be creating an Educator’s page to help those teachers and students bring mycelium material to their schools. It will include information about the logistics of ordering and storing the material. For example: - “How soon should I order if I want to do a project with my class on this date?” - “How should I store the material once it arrives?” - “How soon after delivery do I need to use the material?” - “How much material should I order for a classroom of x students?” • Grant is still working on the new logo. It is coming along nicely! Here’s a sneak peek :) [ logo in progress](// Okay, that’s all for this week! - Shane at