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Community Update January 9th, 2018: Happy New Year & Pre-Order Kits

Shane Boland

Hello all! Welcome to this week’s community update. We will be writing these updates weekly to keep you up-to-date on recent developments and future plans within One note before we get started...the goal is to grow this company very transparently. We want YOU, the community, to be a part of guiding the direction of the company. Please let us know what kind of things you’d like to see us release and what we can do to better serve you in 2018! Okay, now for the fun part... *Recent Developments:* • All 100 beta kits sold out within just a few days. Wow! Thank you everyone for your support. We will collect feedback as soon as those customers finish growing their projects. • We’ve had a lot of people emailing asking when we will have more kits available for purchase. Good news! All 4 blends are now [available for pre-order]( The next batch will ship at the end of January. • We have added the first “Growth Form” to the [Shop page]( If you use this new g rowth form, please send us a picture of your final creation so we can share with the community! *Upcoming Developments:* • Up until now, has been a team of one. This week, Employee #2 will be joining the team as Community Engagement Designer! This mystery person will help by writing more tutorials and guides for the site. They will also be available to help consult with you on projects and answer any questions you might have. • The beta kits were all made by hand. By the end of January, we will have our production system up and running. Then we will be able to stop this “pre-order” nonsense and start selling material on a more consistent schedule. • More growth forms will be coming out soon. Just gotta figure out how to use CAD... We want to start by having at least 4 forms available (a bear, a 6" square tile, a brick, and a fourth form to be determined). If you have an idea for a form we should release, leave a comment below or [email us]( *Long Term Plans for 2018:* We have big plans for 2018. Here are a few of the things we are considering. Please note, these goals may change as we receive feedback from the community. • More tutorials and guides • More additives and nutrients to get better growth • More info about bulk purchases and growing large items • More supplies and tools to help you set up a mycelium workstation at home • Setting up relationships with drop-shippers around the world to bring down the cost and carbon footprint of shipping to customers outside the U.S. • Offering 1on1 training sessions at our HQ for people who want to give mycelium workshops in their region Okay, that’s all for this week. - Shane at