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Community Update Mar. 9th, 2018: Introducing Alex & How to Get a Free Bag

Shane Boland

Hey all! It’s time for another weekly community update. [ Watch on YouTube: Introducing Alex & How to Get a Free Bag of Material | Community Update - March 9th, 2018]( *This Week in* • We don’t have a lot to update you on this week. It was a busy week and we’ve been focusing on planning, administrative tasks, and giving workshops. • This week we travelled down to NYC to give a workshop at Parsons School of Design and FIT. If you would like to host a workshop at your university, please email us. *Next Week in* • Next week we will be putting out an update on the hard surfaces project. This is where we try to create a stronger surface by growing secondary materials into the mycelium tiles (carbon fiber, hemp mats, veneer, etc.). We will also be updating you on the progress of the large panel project. • Thank you to everyone who has been using the forum. We only released this 1 week ago and it feels great to already see so much activity and friendly conversation on here! Watch our [video](https://www this week to find out how you can get a *free* bag of mycelium material (any blend, your choice!). Okay, that’s all for this week folks! - Shane @