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Community Update March 2nd, 2018: Shane & Grant vs. Bricks

Shane Boland

Hey all! It’s time for another weekly community update. [Watch on YouTube: Shane & Grant vs. Bricks | Community Update - March 2nd, 2018]( *This Week in* • The new [Brick Growth form]( is out. So now you can grow mycelium bricks at home! In this week’s video update, we run some "tests" to see how strong the bricks are (a.k.a. destroy the bricks) • This week, we released a Forum on the site! (The page you are reading right now). So far there are no posts on the Forum. Sad. Very sad! • We are still working on growing the large panel. This week we let it grow for 5 days and then popped it out of the growth form. The next step is to let it dry. *Next Week in* • We are still experimenting with growing mycelium _into_ various materials to create a harder, stronger surface. So far, we have tested hemp mats, woven jute fiber, and veneer. Next week, we will be popping these out and showing you the results. In the future, we would lik e to try materials such as carbon fiber, felt, cork, and wood. • On Monday, we will be taking a trip down to NYC to visit Parsons and give a workshop. Okay that’s all for this week folks! -Shane at

Shane Boland

Very cool Christoph! I would love to see pictures of the wooden mould you built. If you do take pictures, post them in the [Growth Forms](!/growthforms) thread so the entire fam can check it out. P.S. As long as the hole in the bag was small, it shouldn’t be a problem. But if it doesn’t end up working for you, shoot me an email and we will replace it for free :)

Christoph Papke

Hey guys, your plans sounds good. I'm very interested in your results. I'm trying to grow my first hemp-material. I hope it works, cause the bag had a hole. I have built a little mould for the material based on wood. I let you know about the results. Greetings from germany Christoph