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could you please also put all the weights seizes in kilos, square meter/ cm 3

Douwe Jan Schrale

and is .12 0.12 square feet or 12 square feet when it comes to mass of the the mushroom that comes from the a mushroom. thats is a big diffrent. and what is the weight of a brick.

Douwe Jan Schrale

europe does not really do .21 we do 0,21 or atleast in my limited scientific education (:

Douwe Jan Schrale

I wish we could get square feet... that would be so powerfull

Shane Boland

And yes, that’s a great idea Douwe. I’ll put “write sizes in metric” on my todo list for tomorrow

Shane Boland

You’re right, that is a big difference hahaha .12 cubic feet means 0.12 cubic feet, not 12 cubic feet.