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the Grow bio brick

Douwe Jan Schrale

is it stone?? is it concrete.. nooo its GROW BIO

Shane Boland

Each bag makes .12 cubic feet (3,398 cubic centimeters). Each brick is .067 cubic feet (1,917 cubic centimeters). So you can get 1.77 bricks out of each bag.

Shane Boland

The weight of the bricks depends on the mycelium material you choose because each blend has a different density. Hemp bricks each weigh approximately: .51 lbs (.23 kg) Aspen bricks: .81 lbs (.37 kg) Kenaf bricks: .33 lbs (.15 kg) Flax bricks: .65 lbs (.29 kg)

Douwe Jan Schrale

I am not sure if grow your buildings should be here. maybe more under projects..

Douwe Jan Schrale

How heavy is the brick, How many bricks do we get from a bag. show your buildings..