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Are there any successful experiments using natural rasins for waterproofing?

Shaun Fox

First off, thank you. I sent you an excited letter of gratitude a few years back. Now I am starting to work with property owners who are interested in experimenting with these ideas. I would be exstatic to be able to have the opportunity to grow the substrate and experiment with mycoproducts with the help of Ecovative! California is ripe for sustainable change! I digress. Maybe one day chitin can be extracted and turned into the weatherproof coating of mycoproducts and beyond. I know organic rasins are espensive and need to be reapplied... an organic lasting coating thats as good as fiberglass and plastic would be awesome. Using it to make a Mycotrimaran with hemp sails with some motorcycles powered by econol traveling the world inoculating petroleum riden landscapes with oysters and putting trash in a gasificating biodigester... it could take months to clean up the nerdle beaches. Thanks again. Shaun

Grant Goldner

You can try growing a water proof material into it... Imagine water proof fabric that you put at the bottom of your growth form and let the mycelium grow into the back of it. You could also coat the mycelium with sealants like those Vermont natural coatings or go to some ancient techniques like these