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could you also send spores? it would be very efficient

Douwe Jan Schrale

far more efficient than sending bags of wood around the globe..

Christoph Papke

Where are you from? Look at the topic“european members „

Douwe Jan Schrale

That would make allot of sense

Christoph Papke

What about a collective order?! I start a new topic for euopean members, wherin we can connect and order a bigger amount.

Douwe Jan Schrale

maybe we could generate international hubs trough this forum. so transport cna become cheaper..

Shane Boland

We are planning to start selling mycelium spawn sometime this year (for our more experienced customers). Most people who are comfortable inoculating their own substrate can find other places to acquire mycelium spawn/spores for now. Our priority right now is getting “regular people” to experience growing biomaterials. We want to see biomaterials become mainstream, not just something that “weird science/DIY people” do in their garage ;) By inoculating the substrate at our facility, we remove a difficult step that isn’t easily achievable by most beginners.