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Surfboard foam blank

Angus Hellen

Has anyone out there looked in to producing a foam with characteristics that would be ideal for surfboard foam blanks?

Douwe Jan Schrale

Sounds like a plan

Shaun Fox

What about canvasing or a layer of mycoleather.. figuring out how to apply that. Heavy stitching maybe or the 'form' for the substrate is the leather or the canvas. Probably still needs a plastic form to hold the skin. Then with a skeleton for structure like carbon fiber the mycelium can grow around.

Douwe Jan Schrale

how long would it last. if you could make casting it really cheap it would be not a problem . you could grow your own board every year. just keep the mall and grow some new..

Douwe Jan Schrale

what about rubber?

Shane Boland

We’ve tried making surfboards in the past with the mycelium material. It’s a difficult project to make with mycelium and we haven’t found a great solution yet. Some of the key problems we ran into are: *Waterproofing*: Lots of the effective waterproofing solutions on the market today are not eco-friendly. The ones that are eco-friendly tend to perform worse than their toxic counterparts. *Weight*: If you use resin to coat the outside, the board absorbs too much resin and becomes very heavy. *Size*: Since the boards are so large, sometimes the mycelium in the middle of the board has trouble getting oxygen. This results in a very weak surfboard because the mycelium in the middle didn’t grow. *Shaping*: Most surf companies want to use the traditional methods of making blanks and then shaping them. However, this material isn’t great for shaping. With mycelium material, it is recommended that you design a growth form that is the same shape as the final creation you wa nt. I’m not saying it can’t be done, I’m just saying we haven’t figured it out yet. I think there’s a big market for mycelium surfboards if someone can find an efficient and consistent way to produce them.

Shane Boland

Woohoo! Our first post from someone who isn’t me! Thanks Angus :)