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The wood and mycelium?

Ricardo Ribeiro

So my question is, what is the process to "clean" the wood before we introduce the mycelium?

Ricardo Ribeiro

I am thinking of using oak, because it is more usual where I live

Shane Boland

Oh I see. There is no right answer for that. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the right mixture. We’ve spent years narrowing down the right balance of moisture and nutrients for our 4 blends. The reason for this is because the "ideal" quantities will be different for each situation. It will depend a lot on the substrate you’re using and the type of flour you use. When working with a new substrate, 65% moisture content is a good starting place. Then I would tweak it from there based on the results you get. Like I said, it requires a lot of trial and error.

Ricardo Ribeiro

I am asking that because I want to make bioplastic form the scratch

Shane Boland

Those quantities are for one bag. When your bags arrive, the quantities are listed on the front of the bag. We write _X_ grams and _X_ ml in the instructions because each blend (hemp, aspen, flax, etc.) requires different quantities of flour and water.

Ricardo Ribeiro

Another question ahah on your recent protocol you say to add X g of flour and X mL of water. Those quantities of flour and water, are for what amount of mycelium and wood?

Shane Boland

A few things to note: • It’s okay if the wood is still wet. This will actually help the mycelium grow *into* the wood. • This sterilization process will also work for, not just wood, but fabrics, fibers, or any other porous material. (for example: hemp, cotton, silk, jute)

Shane Boland

Great question Ricardo! This is the process we use to sterilize the wood: 1. Soak the wood for at least 12 hours in diluted hydrogen peroxide (we use 3.4%). 2. Take the wood out of the hydrogen peroxide and rinse it with water. 3. Let it dry a little bit. It should still be damp but you don’t want it dripping with water. 4. At this point it is sterilized and you can place it in your mycelium material.