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Which mushrooms could work too?

Gaël Packer

I see that the mushroom Ganoderma is used for the kits. Which other mushrooms could do the work too? For example which mushroom would be better for a stronger material ?

Shane Boland

By "stronger material" what do you mean? Do you have a specific application in mind? Do you need the object to support a lot of weight? Or do you need it to be able to flex/bend without snapping? Or do you need it to have a very hard surface?

Shane Boland

Hi Gaël, great question. We get this one a lot. The reason we use Ganoderma is because it is so resilient. It grows in a wide range of environmental conditions, is easy to grow without getting contamination, and stands up to a lot of abuse. If you want to get a stronger material, the first variable to change will be the agricultural substrate you choose (aspen, hemp, flax, etc.). The substrate is going to make the biggest impact on the strength of the material. The mycelium you choose will not affect the strength nearly as much as the substrate will.