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little mushroom house

Douwe Jan Schrale

so I am getting together a group of 25 people and we are going to build a little mushroom house. they all put in 20 euro. for a bag and some extra. and have potluck partys around them. to experiment and play and talk about this new material.

Grant Goldner

Yes you can grow mycelium into the wooden mold. Create a lot of surface area on the wooden side you grow the mycelium into. The increased surface area will allow the mycelium to grow around and create a stronger bond. Try to make the wood wet before you grow into it. Soak it. Also make sure this wood is sterile. Try soaking the wood in boiling water to sterilize it. You can also soak the wood in alcohol over night.

Christoph Papke

That's a good idea, Jan. I try to grow the mycelium in a wooden mould. [IMG_1138_red](// It seems that the mycelium grows into the wood boards. I hope that the mycelium gets a strong bond to the boards. I look forward to build somewhen a house with these material, like you. I think that an mycelium construction for outdoor, has to be covered by a constructive solution. I think on a curtain facade (a sketch is also atteched). [IMG_1140](// [IMG_1139](//

Shane Boland

Absolutely! Message me or email me ( and I’ll get you some material :)

Douwe Jan Schrale

we also will opensource the shape when its finished

Douwe Jan Schrale

any chance we could get some discount for the project? I promise I keep everything very open en updated.

Grant Goldner

This sounds incredible! Please keep us updated on how the projects come out! you could absolutely grow the connectors together. Depending on what they are made of the mycelium will grow into the connectors. Material with a lot of surface area or porosity that has been sterilized and is wet will be suitable to grow into

Douwe Jan Schrale

oh yeah I live in the Netherlands. on a farm with a small barn. lets have fun on this forum!!

Douwe Jan Schrale

I am looking at shape now. as its so expensive to get the material here ( lose spores please in capsules.). I am thinking of the shape of the honey comb. flat on the outside and hollow. and in grown connectors. wwe could clip them together and then let the growing process do its thing. we use a local fablab to make the shape. If you have any ideas please.. be free to help :)