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Square planter

Ted R

Hello! I just received my mycelium last week and I will be trying out the square planter shortly. I was wondering if there are any online instructions regarding how to use the form properly. There appears to be one for the round planter but not the square. That said, I might just be blind and totally missed it. Also I was wondering how long the planter should last given that it will be in contact with soil and water…Thanks! Also sorry for accidentally posting originally to Community Updates.

Ted R

Great. Thanks Shane!

Shane Boland

The planter will last for quite a while as long as you don’t let it *soak* in water. For example, I have some planters on my desk (both square and round planters) at work, I water them once-twice a week. They’ve been around for over a year now and they still look brand new.

Shane Boland

Hey Ted! These are the instructions we recommend everyone start with: [Link to Instructions]( Unlike the round planter instructions, these instructions aren’t specific to any one growth form. For most of the growth forms (including the square planter), the process is the same. Rehydrate the material and then pack it into the growth form.