Community Update January 2nd, 2018: What is GrowBio?

The way humans create, is changing. More and more people are beginning to incorporate biology-based products into their daily lives.

Companies like Orbella Moss are selling fragrant mosses to replace traditional air fresheners. BioMason is growing bacteria-based bricks to help displace CO2 emissions in the cement industry.

These are no longer just neat ideas. These aren’t just products that will be available in a few years. These companies are building products that real people are using today.

The change is happening right in front of us. The world is transitioning to using biomaterials instead of petroleum-based toxic crap.

Grow-It-Yourself → GrowBio

At Ecovative, we’ve seen massive appeal for our mycelium-based Grow-It-Yourself kits. Our customers use this material to do research, start businesses, and create amazing projects like these:


TU Delft Marita Sauerwein’s Grow It Yourself Stool Tom Sippel Mushroom Letters Haha
Kean University student ben guitar made of mycelium Danielle Trofe handmade planters

In order to better support this growing biomaterials community, we have decided to expand and re-launch our Grow-It-Yourself kits as their own brand called GrowBio. Ecovative will still be selling the same GIY material and kits that you’ve come to love, but they will now be located at

However, these aren’t just the same old products with a new name. We will be expanding the range of materials & kits to include yeast, bacteria, algae, and any other materials we can get our hands on!

GrowBio will also have a dedicated team available to answer the community’s questions and comments Monday-Friday 9-5 EST.

The GrowBio website will include the following features:

  • SHOP: A place for you to buy the raw materials and tools you’ll need to grow with biomaterials
  • LEARN: Tutorials and guides to help you hone your craft
  • COMMUNITY: Showcase your project, get feedback, ask questions, share research, and collaborate with other members 

When Can I Buy a Kit?

Kits are coming soon...just kidding, you can buy one right now.

Got a Question?

We have carefully decided to make this a very OPEN community. Please talk to us. We are here to help!

Have a question or feedback? Email us or drop a comment below.


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  • I love evocative developments one of my projects has been done on mycelium based.

    Rajender Kumar on

  • Hi Louise and David,

    Having technical difficulties trying to reply to your comments. I emailed you both.


    Shane on

  • Hi!
    I am a student in 8th grade and I am doing a project on biodegradable materials. I was wondering if you could give me some information about the different kits and how well the biodegrade in our environment. I will be using the mushrooms to make a biodegradable alternative to plastic shopping bags. Feed back would be appreciated.

    David Nunez on

  • Nice work! This is really exciting to see live, in so proud to have been a part of this development and see where it is now! Looking forward to new product launches

    Jeff Betts on

  • Hi!
    This is a very exciting venture, congratulations!
    If one were to use materials for academic research, what are the intellectual property right agreements?

    Louise Manfredi on

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