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What is Living Material Kenaf Blend?:

This is a 7 lb bag of our MycoComposite™ material (kenaf and mycelium blend). It  arrives to you having already gone through the first growth process, already hydrated and growing. The mycelium material is ready to immediately break up, add 3/4 cup of flour, and pack into molds to continue to grow for 5 more days. Because this material is alive, it must be kept refrigerated and used within 2 weeks of receipt.

Kenaf substrate is more lightweight and finer than our original GIY hemp hurd blend, lending itself well for more detailed feature resolution. While it is lightweight, it grows to the same volume of the hemp hurd blend.

This is a living material and requires refrigeration and expedited shipping.

Overnight shipping only and within the continental U.S.A. We ship weekly on Wednesdays. Orders placed before 9 am Wednesday will ship, and orders placed after 9 am Wednesday will ship the following week.  Please plan appropriate lead time.

Only ships to the USA.

Also available by the pallet (100 bags.) For large-quantity orders, please contact us directly at


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Material Specs

  • Density: 6.7 lbs/ft3
  • Compressive Stress/Strength at 10% compression: 11.6 psi
  • Flexure Strength: 160 psi 
  • Volume per bag: 1 ft3
  • Made in the USA

Only ships to the USA

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