For Educators


Elementary & Middle Schools:

We have partnered with Creosity Space to develop the Mushroom Maestros Curriculum. This in-depth curriculum includes a 50-page educator guide, student worksheets, a video presentation, a video tutorial, and all of the materials you’ll need to do a hands-on activity with your students.

Middle & High Schools:

For older students, we have a lot of options available depending on how advanced you want to get. The easiest and most popular classroom activity is growing planter cups.

Want to grow planters with your classroom? You will need the following items:

  1. Hemp mycelium material (1 bag is enough for 5 students)
  2. Round planter cup growth forms (1 for each student participating)
  3. Lesson Plan: (Download for free)

Looking for a more advanced workshop for your classroom? Contact us and we can put together a custom package for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the material safe?

Yes, it is very safe. Click here to download the SDS for the hemp mycelium material.

What if I have students with allergies?

There is no known allergen risk with our mycelium material. The mushroom we use is very similar to a commonly used medicinal mushroom (found in nutritional supplements, etc). There are no spores involved in our process as we keep the organism at its vegetative state. A huge body of literature is published on humans’ interactions with this type of mushroom, and no allergens have been reported. We have worked with third party labs to verify the safety of our materials.

Do I need a lab or clean room to use this material?

You will not need a science lab or any special equipment to use our mycelium material. The entire process can be completed in your classroom. All you’ll need is water, flour, and a table/desk.

How do I store the material? What is the shelf life?

Store the material in a cool, dry place. Leave the bags closed until you are ready to use them. It is recommended that you use the material within 8 weeks of delivery. If you store the material in a fridge, you can prolong the shelf life by an additional 2 weeks.

When should I order if I am planning a workshop for x date?

Our materials are grown, not made. Usually we have the inventory on hand to fulfill an order within a few days of receiving it. If we have a high volume of orders and our inventory is depleted, we have to grow more to replace it. Sometimes this means it can take 2-3 weeks for your order to leave our facility.

NOTE: If you need your material to arrive by a specific date, please email [email protected] after placing your order and we will make sure it happens!

How much material do I need for x # of students?

Each student will need their own growth form. This will allow each student to grow an item of their very own. The amount of material you’ll need depends on the growth form you decide to use. For example, if you use the bear growth form, each bag has enough material to make 6 bears. But if you use the square tile growth form, each bag has enough material to make 5 tiles.

Do you have educator discounts?

Yes, we do offer discounts for K-12 teachers. Please email [email protected] to apply.