apartment pendant lamp with gray lampshade
White pendant lamp hanging from black cord
Pendant Lamp shade dome made of Mushroom® Material
Gray hanging lamp for over restaurant table

GROW Lamp Hanging Pendant

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This fully grown pendant lamp was designed in collaboration with Danielle Trofe Design.

The lamp shade is grown using Ecovative’s Mushroom® Material.

Each lamp includes a 15ft. (4.5m) UL-certified cord and an LED lightbulb. The extra long pendant lamp cord allows you to hang your light at the perfect height in any situation.

Installation Instructions: View installation instructions here.

“The overall goal of this lamp is to
challenge our ideas of what interior products should be made
from, how they’re made and ultimately where they will end up.
We want to disrupt not only the way in which we manufacture
goods, but how as a consumer, you can be empowered to be a
part of the growing proess creating a greater understanding
and connection to your objects.”
- Danielle Trofe, Designer