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Your $25 purchase includes:
• Admission to the hands-on workshop & presentation
• 1x Mycelium Material (Hemp blend)
• 1x Bear growth form (to grow your very own mycelium bear)
• 1x discount card after the workshop for 30% off your next order

Join as we explore growing mycelium biomaterials for your designs. In the talking portion of this workshop we will discuss how living materials are the next creative medium and how to intelligently incorporate them into your practice. We will understand mycelium’s material properties, ideal applications, design specific growing techniques, and environmental conditions responsible for optimal parts.
In the hands on portion of the workshop we will learn basic lab practices that you can easily perform at home. We will cast mycelium in provided growth forms but feel free to bring your own shapes if you have a specific object you want to grow.
Everything will be taught from the context of design so don’t worry if high school biology was your last scientific exposure.