GIY Living Material Instructions

Step 1: Grow

  • Break up material

    Break up material

    Before opening the bag, use your hands to hit exterior of the bag on all sides. This helps save time breaking up the material before opening hte bag and adding to a bowl.

  • Add Flour and Mix

    Add Flour and Mix

    Add material to a large bowl and continue to break up any chunks until the material is no longer white. 

    Add ¾ cup flour and mix well for 1 minute.

    **If adding a Mix-in, add during this process.

  • Pack and Grow

    Pack and Grow

    Add material to the growth form and pack down as you continue to add more layers.

    Cover the form with plastic wrap or a lid. Grow for 5-6 days at 72 degrees F until material turns white again.

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Step 2: Pop & Pod

  • Pop


    Flip the growth form upside down and tap until the grown part “pops” out of the form.

  • Pod


    Seal part in a roomy plastic bag with a cup of water to grow for 1 day to create a white, fuzzy overgrowth on the mycelium part.

The following step is optional...

Step 3: Dry

  • Prepare to dry

    Prepare to dry

    Remove from the overgrown part from the pod and place on a baking sheet.

  • Dry


    Dehydrate the part at 180° F for 4-8 hours or until fully dry. The part will shrink in size!