Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we are only shipping to North America (USA, Canada, Mexico.)

If you are looking to order from Europe, we do have a licensee named which provides GIY material to the EU. Please order from them here:

How many days does the mycelium material take to grow?

Like all living things, the temperature and environment affect the speed of growth of an organism. Ideal conditions, humid 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the dry GIY grows for 3-5 days in the bag until white, then 4-6 days in the form until white again, and 1 day in a pod then 1 day to dry. The start to finish is around 10 days.

What is the shelf life of the GIY bags and finished grown parts?

In indoor conditions the grown part is shelf stable for 30 years. Unless it is exposed to constant moisture and other environmental conditions, it should not grow mold. The dehydrated GIY material is shelf stable and should be used within 10 weeks of the date on the bag’s label, but lasts longer if refrigerated. Living GIY material must be kept refrigerated at all times and used within 3 months.

Is the material waterproof?

Mycelium is naturally hydrophobic and water will condense on the surface. However, if the grown shape is immersed in water or repeatedly saturated, it will lose its rigidity and
will become susceptible to degradation. Inconsistent moisture exposure from weather may allow the material to passively dry and maintain some rigidity. If left in a waterway the material will break down in 180 days with no harm to the environment.

How much does the material shrink after drying in the oven?

The material will shrink 4% in the X and Y, and 7% in the Z direction. The final dried product will weigh 35% the original weight.

What is the weight and volume of the GIY materials?

The GIY dehydrated material weights 0.9 lbs when dry, and after hydration weighs 3 lbs. The hydrated GIY material will fill a volume of 0.12 ft^3

The Living material is already hydrated and growing and weighs 10 lbs. The Living material will fill a volume of 1 ft^3

Is the material compostable or recyclable?

It is 100% home compostable. When divided into 1 cubic inch pieces, the grown part composted within 45 days in soil and 180 days in water. Do not recycle the material.

How can you post process GIY materials?

The mycelium material can be cut with a bandsaw, tablesaw, drilled into, laminated with wood, etc. The smaller the substrate the better precision on a CNC router. Some artists blend the dry GIY in a blender to create a finer texture before hydrating and growing. The material can be sanded and finished with beeswax, milk paint, water-based polyurethane, and more. We recommend natural, biobased sealants as the purpose of
the material is to not add toxins to the environment.

What is not a good application for the material?

GIY material is a blend of hemp hurd and mycelium, the composition is too woody for food contact and is not a substitute for food to-go containers, cups, plates, cups, etc. It is not certified for direct food contact.

What are the properties of the GIY material?

The material is naturally hydrophobic, acoustically insulating, flame resistant, and more. See our full spec sheet here:

Where can I find the MSDS for the GIY material?

We have the material safety data sheet available for viewing and downloading linked on our website here:

Where is GIY material made? is the education and community division of Ecovative Design headquarted in Upstate NY. We have a global network of growth and distribution facilities, and our EU
licensee, also provides GIY kits to their region.

How long does GIY material last outside?

The GIY material makes a great sculpture medium! When left whole and intact, the material will last 1-3 years outside in the elements. You will begin to see color change and other organisms like moss and lichen growing on it after the first year.

Can you grow for me?

While our product is named Grow It Yourself™ because we want our technology to be accessible for people to grow themselves, we understand not everyone wants to!

You can purchase Ready-made shapes here.

Mushroom® Packaging division grows custom protective packaging for your products.

If you are interested in growing a large-scale sculptural installation for an event or exhibit and/or looking to partner, please complete the Installation Form to provide us with the event details and volume of material requested.

Can I grow bacon and leather with the GIY material?

Unforunately, no! Our GIY material is a blend of hemp hurd and mycelium-- the MycoComposite™ technology by Ecovative. Another product example using this technology is Mushroom® Packaging.

MyForest Food's MyBacon product and Forager's foam and leather alternative are grown using Ecovative's AirMycelium™ technology. This technology requires a specially controlled growth chamber to trick the mycelium into growing up and off the substrate, instead of throughout and between. Because this process is more complicated and higher tech, it can't be replicated at home nor with our GIY material.

Can't find what you're looking for?

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