GIY Material Instructions

Step 1: MIX

  • Add Flour and Water

    Add Flour and Water

    Cut open the bag above the filter patch.

    Mix 4 Tbsp flour and 3 cups water (4 cups water if kenaf substrate) into a slurry then pour into the bag.

  • Seal and Shake

    Seal and Shake

    Reseal the top of the bag above the filter patch.

    Shake it! Mix the bag for 1 minute to hydrate thoroughly.

  • Grow for 3-4 days

    Grow for 3-4 days

    Let grow until white in a clean area, out of direct sun, with a room temperature at 72° F.

    Allow an additional day of growth if not wellgrown after 4 days.

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Step 2: Grow

  • Break up material

    Break up material

    Add material to a large bowl and break up all the chunks. We call this step “regrinding.”

    Add 4 Tbsp flour and mix well for 1 minute.

    **If adding a Mix-in, add during this process.

  • Pack the Form

    Pack the Form

    Add material to the growth form and pack down as you continue to add more layers.

    Place a sturdy flat sheet on top of the form and tap all over to smooth the fill surface.

  • Grow for 5-6 Days

    Grow for 5-6 Days

    Cover the form with plastic wrap or a lid and poke a few small holes for respiration.

    Grow until fully white again in a clean area with the same growth conditions as step 1.

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Step 3: Pop & Pod

  • Pop


    Flip the growth form upside down and tap until the grown part “pops” out of the form.

  • Pod


    Seal part in a roomy plastic bag with a cup of water to grow for 1 day to create a white, fuzzy overgrowth on the mycelium part.

The following step is optional...

Step 4: Dry

  • Prepare to dry

    Prepare to dry

    Remove from the overgrown part from the pod and place on a baking sheet.

  • Dry


    Dehydrate the part at 180° F for 4-8 hours or until fully dry. The part will shrink in size!

GIY Instructional Video