• Biodegradable

    Can be broken down by living things like bacteria and fungi.

  • Colonize

    The act of our chosen mycelium strain growing throughout the substrate.

  • Compostable

    Adds nutrients back into the earth. Compostable products are biodegradable materials that break down under defined conditions and support life.

  • Condensation

    The collection of water droplets on a surface.

  • Degradable

    The ability to break down. Something that is degradable doesn’t require living organisms to break it down and something harmful can also degrade.

  • Desiccate

    To dry up. We remove moisture from the mycelium to make it inactive.

  • Filter patch

    The white square on the front of the GIY bag which allows for air flow.

  • Fungus

    (plural: fungi) Any organism in the kingdom of Fungi.

  • GIY

    Abbreviation for Grow It Yourself.


    The education and community division owned and operated by Ecovative.

  • Grow It Yourself material

    The hemp hurd and mycelium blend offered by

  • Growth Form

    The container used to pack the mycelium material into in order for it to grow and take on it's shape.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H202)

    A disinfectant liquid used spot treat dessication on live parts. It has the unique ability to kill some bacterial contaminants but not mycelium.

  • Hypha

    (plural: hyphae) A single white thread within the mycelium of a fungus.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)

    Also known as Rubbing Alochol, a disinfecting liquid used to sanitize surfaces. Minimize respiratory, skin, and eye exposure as it may cause irritation.

  • Living material

    GIY material that is already hydrated, growing, and ready to be added to growth forms. Begin instructions in in Step 2, skip hydrating, if using Living material.

  • Mold

    Unwanted fungal organisms that compete with our mycelium strains dominance in the substrate. Common contaminant molds are Rhizopus and Trichoderma.

  • MycoComposite

    Ecovative’s patented mycelium technology consisting of agricultural
    waste and mycelium. The hemp hurd and mycelium blend that makes up the GIY material is an example of Ecovative's MycoComposite™ technology.

  • Overgrowth

    The white, fuzzy outer layer of mycelium that grows as a result of podding

  • Part

    The final mycelium product popped from the growth form after fully grown. See also: Shape

  • Particle

    Referring to the individual hemp hurd piece and size within the GIY material.

  • Pod

    A sealed environment used to contain humidity around the popped part to produce overgrowth. Often constructed of a plastic lid or bag sealed with tape or clips.

  • Pop

    The process of removing a grown parts from the growth form.

  • Porous

    A surface that is permeable to fluids and capable of being penetrated.

  • Mycelium

    The vegetative tissue of a mushroom. It appears as branching threads, called hyphae, where nutrient absorption occurs. The total hyphae is a mycelium.

  • Shape

    The final mycelium product popped from the growth form after fully grown. See also: Part

  • Substrate

    Agricultural material that has been processed, inoculated, and colonized by a chosen fungal variety.

  • Regrind

    The process of breaking up living material before packing into a growth form.

  • Respire

    To take up oxygen and create carbon dioxide. Mycelium respires like humans!