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Grow It Yourself

We've made it easier to experiment with mycelium. Shop our GIY kits!

Learn. Grow. Create.

We've created a guide to GIY. Perfect for students, experimenters, and DIYers of all kinds.

Use mycelium to grow your own creations.

Our Grow-It-Yourself Mushroom® Material is the perfect way to bring your Earth-friendly creations to life.

Check out other people's GIY experiments in our forum.

GIY Forum

GIY Instructional video

Mycelium Sidetable

Possibilities are endless with GIY. You can create and use your own mold to experiment and make your own unique designs.

See more unique creations on our community page.

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Plant lovers dream

Plant people unite! We love the Earth, and so do you. Our forms allow you to create a variety of plastic-free, planet-friendly, planters with our GIY material. Start growing your houseplant its new home today!

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