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Grow With Mycelium

Our Grow It Yourself™ mycelium material is the perfect way to bring your Earth-friendly creations to life.


I started experimenting…around 2015. The generous guidance and advice I’ve gotten from them has been invaluable. I love that I am collaborating with a living microorganism and find myself having a relationship and affection for the material.


Through this process, I’ve developed a relationship with objects that is defined by a sense of cultivation. I would love for this approach to propagate, for material culture to be ‘consumed’ less and ‘cultivated’ more.


We would recommend this material to makers in general that are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene.


GIY Material Instructional Video

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    Bring GIY materials to your classroom and teach with our curriculum designed for mycelium. 

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    Students and teachers can follow the growth process with daily activities, observations, and more. 

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10th Floor Studio, HyFi Mycelium Walled Speaker10th Floor Studio, HyFi Mycelium Walled Speaker
Grown By

Kelly O'Brien Art

Pollinator Sanctuary
Grown by

RPI Students

Grown by

Iyvone Khoo & Miguel Guzman

Trilobite Mycelium Throne
Grown by

10th Floor

HyFi Speaker
Grown by

Erik N.

Computer Body
Grown. by

Nora C.

Mycelium Karas
10th Floor Studio, HyFi Mycelium Walled Speaker10th Floor Studio, HyFi Mycelium Walled Speaker

Grown by the GIY Community

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