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How do I use Sculpting Mix?

Add this mix to your Grow It Yourself™ material if you want to sculpt the material (similar to clay). The sculpting mix makes the GIY material tacky and allows you to pack the material onto itself, removing the need for a growth form. Additionally, it will hold the material together if you want to cast multiple parts over and over again from the same growth form. Note: this product is not mycelium spawn. The GIY material contains mycelium along with hemp. 

How much do I need?

  • For Sculpting: 6 ounces of Sculpting Mix per bag of GIY material.
  • For Casting: 3 ounces of Sculpting Mix per bag of GIY Material.
How do I use it?

You will introduce the Sculpting Mix during Step 2 of the GIY Dehydrated Material Instructions or Step 1 of the Living Material Instructions.