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How do I use Sculpting Mix?

Add this mix to your Grow It Yourself™ material if you want to sculpt the material (similar to clay). The sculpting mix allows you to pack the material onto itself and removes the need for a growth form. Additionally, it will hold the material together if you want to cast multiple parts over and over again from the same growth form. 

How much do I need?

  • For Sculpting: 6 ounces of Sculpting Mix per bag of GIY material.
  • For Casting: 3 ounces of Sculpting Mix per bag of GIY Material.

How do I use it?

  1. You will introduce the Sculpting Mix during step 2 of the GIY Dehydrated Material Instructions or Step 1 of the Living Material Instructions. (Immediately after you crumble up your rehydrated material into a mixing bowl, add the heavy mix to the material)
  2. That’s about it :)