Grey Pearl Oyster Mushroom Kit

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Introducing Ecovative’s resilient and high-yielding Grey Pearl Oyster Mushroom strain for at-home use. With certified organic input, this variety flourishes in dense clusters, with its fruiting bodies undergoing a captivating transformation from dark to light grey as they expand, resulting in mushrooms boasting firm and delicately scalloped caps. With a swift development period of just 2-10 days, this strain proves its hardiness and reliability, catering to both novice and experienced cultivators. It's a testament to nature's ingenuity, promising a visually captivating and rewarding growing experience for all mushroom lovers, from sprout to harvest.

What is included: 5lb bag of substrate colonized with Grey Pearl Oyster Spawn. 

Ships on Wednesday and Thursday. United States only. 

*Images are for illustrational purposes only. Results may vary based on the environment and proper care of your Mushroom kit. 


Fast fruiting! Unbox and begin the growth process immediately after receiving. We do not recommend storing these for any period of time. 

Due to the nature of the strain, it will pin in colder temperatures or at room temperature.  The grey pearl color is more prominent at cooler temperatures, around 65 degrees F. 

Growing Instructions: is here to guide you through the process of cultivating your own mycelial masterpiece to harvest delicious Oyster Mushrooms. Together, we'll harness the incredible power of nature to grow a nutritious food source right at home in a matter of weeks. 

Step 1: Unbox upon arrival and hang the bag in a cool room with a humidifier pointed at the bag. This strain requires high humidity!

Step 2: Peel off the tape from the bag to reveal the port holes.

Step 3: After removing the tape, pinning will take 2-5 days to appear. Increase humidity if there’s slow growth.

Step 4: Harvest the mushrooms about 2-5 days after the pins first appear, they taste better young and small! Harvest before the mushroom caps get wavy!

Step 5: For a second flush, submerge the bag in clean water for 4-8 hours, drain thoroughly, and hang again.

With these instructions, you're now equipped to embark on a journey of co-creation with nature, without having to leave the house. Remember, each mushroom is a testament to the potential of sustainable ecosystems, in this case converting wood chips into nutritious mushrooms. So, nurture your mycelial companions with care, and soon you'll be savoring the fruits of your eco-friendly labor.

Together, we're pioneering a future where nature and innovation unite for a greener, more sustainable world. Happy growing!

Note: The instructions printed directly onto the bag are not for our product.