Instruction and Education: Downloadable GROW IT YOURSELF Files

Instructional Documents

Educational Documents

Below are workbooks and lesson plans that were created for classroom instruction. Click the link under each file headline to download PDF files

Why Teach Mycelium: Intro to GIY Materials for Teachers

Biology Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Intro to Fungi

Lesson 2: Fungi Life Cycle

Lesson 3: Fungi Protein Synthesis

Lesson 4: Being Multicellular

Lesson 5: The Food Chain

Lesson 6: Feed the Fungi

Lesson 7: Cellular Respiration in Fungi

Lesson 8: The Problem with Plastic

Lesson 9: Mycelium as an Alternative

Lesson 10: Show What You Know

Biology Module Challenge Roadmap

Biology Vocab & Curricular Standards

Chemistry Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: What do Material Scientists do?

Lesson 2: Compostites Versus Chemial Compounds

Lesson 3: Mycelium as a Composite Material

Lesson 4: Adhesion and Electronegativity

Lesson 5: Is Mycelium Safe?

Lesson 6: Is Mycelium Water Repellent?

Lesson 7: Biodegradable and Compostable Materials

Lesson 8: Advocate for Mycelium

Chemistry Module Challenge Roadmap

Chemisty Vocab & Curricular Standards

Engineering Lesson Plans

Curricular Standards

Teacher Preparation for Fusion 360

Lesson 1: Mycelium and its possibilities

Lesson 2: Mycelium Design Challenge

Lesson 3: Measurements

Lesson 4: Working in 3D Planes

Lesson 5: Communicating a Design

Lesson 6: Fusion 360 Essential Skills

Lesson 7: Understanding Constraints

Lesson 8: Planning Your Design

Lesson 9: Build Your Prototype

Lesson 10: Evaluate and Improve