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Dehydrated Grow It Yourself™ Material

This 3lb dehydrated bag of Grow-It-Yourself Mushroom® Material is the perfect way to bring your Earth-friendly creations to life! Whether you have a product idea in mind, or just want to experiment with the material at home, GIY Mushroom® Material is meant for you!

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Spec Sheet

Material Specs

    • Density: 7.6 lbs/ft3
    • Compressive Stress/Strength at 15% compression: 18 psi
    • Flexure Strength: 34 psi

    Each bag will grow to fill 0.12ft3 (3398cm3)

    By purchasing this material you are agreeing to the terms in the GIY licensing agreement.

      GIY Grow It Yourself instruction manual page 1 GIY Grow It Yourself instruction manual page 4