Snowperson Holiday Bundle

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Grow your own snowperson, no snow necessary! This form is easy to fill and make 3” tall snowperson to use as an ornament or holiday decoration. Go the extra mile and complete with a tiny fabric scarf!

To compost: break up into small 1” pieces and incorporate into the soil of a potted plant or add to your food scraps bin to break down in 45 days. When the ground is thawed you can compost it outside to add nutrients to the soil.

What’s Included:


  • Made of recyclable PETG plastic
  • Makes a 4" tall snowperson
  • Snowperson volume is 0.004 ft
  • Can be used over and over. Handwash it and reuse it! (Not dishwasher safe)

Material Specs:

  • Must use within 10 weeks of receipt, or store in the fridge for a longer shelf life
  • Density: 7.6 lbs/ft3
  • Compressive Stress/Strength at 15% compression: 18 psi
  • Flexure Strength: 34 psi
  • Each bag will grow to fill 0.12ft3 (3398cm3)


How-to Video



Spec Sheet

 Not to be used by children under age 13 except under adult supervision.
This kit contains small parts, including agricultural particles, which may be harmful if ingested or inhaled, or otherwise misused.

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