Summer Fun Activities with Mycelium!

Summer Fun Activities with Mycelium!

Looking to keep your kids (or yourself) active and sharp over the summer? Look no further! Dive into scientific discovery and creative projects following's easy experiments and lesson plans, designed with Grow It Yourself™ material in mind. Whether you're conducting science at home, getting crafty with arts projects, we have something for everyone. If you’re a teacher or a parent and want to bring modern material science into your child’s classroom, check out our free lesson plans in biology, chemistry, and engineering. 

Science At-Home

Keep inquiring with these easy, at-home experiments:

  • Brick Density Test: Learn how to test mycelium brick density and explore the relationship between density and structural integrity. Watch our full YouTube video for details.
  • Grow your own volcano: Revamp the classic volcano science project by giving it a sustainable twist with mycelium that will blow you away. Watch our the YouTube video here. 
  • Plant Growth Enhancement: Test how mycelium positively affects plant growth. Compare plant health and growth with and without mycelium in the soil.
  • Mycelium Insulation: Create a cooler using mycelium to test its insulation properties. Measure how well it maintains temperature compared to other materials. Don’t feel like growing? We sell coolers too!

More ideas in our science fair blog post!

    Arts and Crafts

    Unleash your creativity with these fun GIY art projects:

    • Seed Balls: Make seed balls with sunflower seeds and GIY material, perfect for a fun gardening project. Follow along with our video!
    • Sand Castles: Build sand castles using GIY material for a unique twist on a classic activity. Bonus: once grown, they stay intact and won't wash away!
    • Paint Planters: Craft and paint your own mycelium planters. This is a great way to combine art with biology.
    • Create your own sculpture! Our recent #GIYMakerSpotlight shows beautiful examples of both grow set up and end results. Pro tip: add in sculpting mix and the material packs onto itself, allowing you to freeform without a mold!

    Get ahead of your 2025 lesson plans!

    Integrate our free, IB-designed, NGSS certified lesson plans in your classroom. From biology to chemistry to engineering, these detailed lessons offer hands-on, project-based learning your kids will love!

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    If you’re a student or parent and who wants to bring modern material science into the classroom, share our lesson plans with your local school!

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