Eben Presents Keynote Speech at Applied Brilliance

Yesterday, CEO Eben Bayer spoke at the Applied Brilliance conference in Sonoma, California. Eben spoke about his experience and knowledge with disruptive technologies. Ecovative's plan focuses specifically on approaches for reinventing, rebuilding, and recreating the industrial economy to produce products that replenish our planet and ultimately produce a positive net gain. Eben's philosophy, embodied in Ecovative, supports approaches for creating social and economic systems that amplify scarcity into abundance, just as living things do in nature. Eben also shared Ecovative's line of Mushroom® materials with the audience of designers, architects, and technologists. Applied Brilliance was created as a worldview for leaders, influencers, and early adopters who are searching for cutting-edge trends in shifts in cultural paradigms. The conference promotes creativity, innovation, and applied intelligence by bringing together creatives, educators, and marketing and design professionals.