Spring is here! Mycelium Activities to Welcome the Season

Spring is here! Mycelium Activities to Welcome the Season

As springtime arrives and the ground thaws, there's no better way to celebrate the season of renewal and growth than by getting hands-on in nature. 

At Grow.bio, we're passionate about harnessing the power of mycelium for sustainable solutions. This spring, we bring you tried and true eco-friendly activities that not only connect you with nature but also contribute positively to the environment.

🌱 Mycelium Seed Starter Tray

Seed Tray

Kickstart your gardening adventures with a twist by crafting your very own seed starter trays from mycelium. These trays not only provide a fertile environment for your seeds but also contribute to reducing waste by utilizing biodegradable materials. 

To create your mycelium tray, hydrate your GIY material, and in Step 2, pack onto the underside of a plastic seed tray, using it as a growth form. Once dried, these trays offer a perfect bed for your seeds to germinate and thrive.

Watch how we made it here! 


🐞 Seed Balls for Pollinators

seed ball

Spread the joy of spring while supporting pollinators with GIY seed balls infused with pollinator-friendly seeds. By combining wildflower seeds with mycelium and sculpting mix, you can create these compact spheres of life. Toss them outdoors where they will naturally compost in 45 days. As they decompose, the seeds sprout and bloom into a colorful oasis for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

Follow along with our video below to make a seed ball:


🐣 Mycelium Easter Eggs

mycelium easter egg

Elevate your spring celebrations by incorporating mycelium into your traditional egg hunts. Use a plastic egg as a growth form instead!

Simply fill the eggs with GIY material and allow to grow for 5-6 days. Once fully grown, decorate the mycelium eggs with eco-friendly paints.

Hide them in your garden for a unique twist on the classic egg hunt. If you don’t find all the eggs, they will naturally breakdown and enrich the soil with nutrients, promoting healthy plant growth.

See how we grew and decorated them here:



🥚 For the Young Scientists- Mycelium as a Protective Cushion 

Objective: Test the protective cushioning properties of mycelium.

Process: Grow mycelium sphere halves with sculpting mix. Place egg within the mycelium sphere, seal, and drop from a height to see if the egg remains intact.

Learning Outcome: Understanding the rebounding properties of GIY mycelium material as a protective packaging for fragile items.

Add on Bonus: Compare to other protective packaging products on the market!

🐤 GIY Maker Spotlight- Andrea Alexander (she/her)

We’re ducking obsessed!🦆🍄Andrea is documenting her creative adventures and used mycelium GIY material to master a new technique! One of the coolest parts is how she created her duck mold:

“🍄For this project I cut a rubber duck in half, vacuum-sealed the halves to make a mold, filled the mold with mushroom mycelium substrate from @grow.bio , and now I have a little duck made of mushroom material, which is an emerging biomaterial that can serve as a styrofoam substitute!”

Follow Andrea's work on Instagram @andreaalexanderart!


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