Danish Design Center Features Mushroom Materials in "Darling Materials," Designer Curated Exhibition

The Danish Design Center will include several samples of Myco Foam and Myco Board in its new collection, My Darling Materials. The DDC asked a selection of materials experts to choose their own material darlings, and designer Chris Lefteri selected Mushroom® Material as a top choice. While Myco Foam was previously featured and displayed in the Hello Materials Exhibition, the newly curated exhibit will also include Myco Board. This is the first public display of this new structural biomaterial anywhere in the universe. The exhibit will includes several display phases, sequentially building into a permanent collection at the DDC. Ecovative will be featured in the first round, from September 9th until December. A statement from the Danish Design Center on "My Darling Materials and the Darling Collection": Of all the exciting new materials developed and introduced today, which are the leading experts’ favorites? The Danish Design Center has asked its extensive network of materials experts from all over the world to contribute to a collection of their favorite materials. Each month, three experts will each choose three materials, and all nine will be displayed in the Design Society under the headline My Darling Materials. Subsequently, the three materials will be replaced by three new materials chosen by three other experts. Over time, the many darling materials will form a permanent collection – the Darling Collection – in the Design Society. This collection will be used in workshops and as inspiration for partners and guests at the Design Society.