Ecovative Design Wins CEG Awards

 Ecovative Design proudly received the Rising Star award from the Center of Economic Growth on Wednesday, April 15th. This award is for its outstanding achievements as a start-up company whose venture is showing long-term promise. “Although Ecovative Design has been in business for less than two years, the Troy-based, seven-person company has entered the green technology market in a big way, gaining the attention of The Discovery Channel and numerous publications including Scientific American and This Old House magazines.”  Additionally, Ecovative Design's intern, Alicia Lin, was awarded the Intern of the Year for her significant contribution to the company. Alicia Lin “works as a scientist, graphic designer, a Web designer, a product designer and engineer” said Ecovative COO Edward Browka. “Alicia’s intensity and commitment to great work make her a wonderful employee and her happy spirit and positive attitude make her a joy to work around.”