Ecovative to Present Latest Building Developments at Greenbuild

Green Island, NY, November 20, 2013-- Ecovative, the New York-based biomaterials company best known for its home-compostable Mushroom® Packaging, today presents two developing applications in building and construction markets. Myco Foam and Myco Board will be showcased at Greenbuild in Philadelphia November 20th- 22nd. Myco Foam is a cost-competitive, naturally fire-resistant alternative to standard foam board insulation that does not use any petrochemicals or VOCs. Myco Foam can be used for Grow-In-Place Insulation, where Ecovative’s materials grow and bind to the inside of a wall cavity, providing rigid structural insulation without thermal bridging. Myco Foam can also be used for insulated sheathing within a structure. Since there are no blowing gasses, the aged R-value of Myco Foam will not decrease like it will for many types of plastic foam insulation. Myco Foam’s use as Mushroom® Insulation has been acknowledged by Popular Science’s 2013 Best of What’s New and the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Challenge. Myco Board is an alternative to engineered wood that is comprised of waste streams, uses no formaldehydes, and does not emit VOCs. At the current stage of development, the strength to weight ratio is comparable to engineered wood and composite materials commonly used today. Additionally, this biomaterial can be grown to adhere to wood veneers and facing materials with no need for toxic adhesives. Part of Ecovative’s platform involves growing custom-molded shapes, avoiding the waste of materials in milling and post-processing. Both Myco Foam and Myco Board are grown from Ecovative’s patented mushroom technology. By combining mycelium and agricultural waste, Ecovative provides high-performance and cost-competitive materials that are safe and sustainable for people and our planet. In its 2013 Challenge, the Buckminster Fuller Institute honored this vision for growing materials, following ecological principles, and a commitment to social and economic equality. Ecovative will premiere these radical new building technologies on Wednesday, November 20th at Greenbuild in Philadelphia. Organized by the US Green Building Council, “Greenbuild brings together industry leaders, experts and frontline professionals dedicated to sustainable building in their everyday work, and a unique energy is sparked.” Ecovative will showcase Myco Foam and Myco Board, and pursue collaboration with manufacturers to advance this sustainable technology.