From The New Yorker: Form and Fungus by Ian Frazier

Ecovative's past and future have been featured in The New Yorker's May 20 innovation issue. Writer Ian Frazier conducted extensive interviews and research with our team members and supporters to understand and present the roots of our growth and the principles of Ecovative's culture and focus. Frazier's writing presents one of the best and most comprehensive written accounts of Ecovative to date. New Yorker cover May 20, 2013The print edition will hit newsstands this week and access is available online for subscribers. Be sure to get your copy and share with friends or family. Here's a sneak preview:
Gavin McIntyre, the co-inventor of a process that grows all-natural substitutes for plastic from the tissue of mushrooms, holds a pen or pencil in an unusual way. Gripping it between two fingers of his right hand, he moves his arm across the paper so that his wrist grazes the inscribed line; because of this, he uses pens with ink that doesn't smear. When he draws an explanatory diagram of the chitin molecule--chitin is the principal component of mycelium, the white, rootlike vegetative structure of fungi--he bends over his work, then looks up earnestly to see if his hearer has understood. The gesture makes him appear younger than his age, which is twenty-eight. He wears glasses and has straight black hair, dark eyes, and several piercings, with studs in his lip and ears.
The other co-inventor, Eben Bayer, won't be twenty-eight until June. Bayer is almost six-five, and often assumes the benign expression of a large and friendly older brother. His hair is brown, short, and spiky, his face is long, and his self-effacing manner hides the grand ambitions that people who come from small towns (Bayer grew up in South Royalton, in central Vermont) sometimes have. When he says, of the company that he and McIntyre founded, "We want to be the Dow or DuPont of this century," he is serious. He is their company's C.E.O., McIntyre its Chief Scientist. People with money and influence have bet that they will succeed.