How Can We Prevent Ocean Plastic Pollution?

Plastic pollution in our waterways is a serious problem. The evidence published last week in the Feb 13th issue of Science, exposed the 4.8-12 million metric tons per year (!!) of plastic reaching our oceans in a report called "Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean." Time is short to rescue ocean life. Ecovative's Mushroom Materials can help eliminate the styrene particle problem when adopted as packaging material and marine flotation devices to replace Styrofoam.

If you have 15 minutes, I would highly recommend watching this summary of White Devil, a documentary that explains the ocean pollution problem in depth, and highlights Ecovative as a solution (at around 11:30):


will be displaying Ecovative’s many solutions to ocean plastic pollution at an Innovation Showcase, sponsored by Think Beyond Plastic and the Ocean Caucuses of the Senate and House. This public showcase will be held at Capitol Hill on March 16th, and we encourage everyone to attend this very important event (more information can be found below)!

- Sue Van Hook

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