Introducing MycoFlex™, Ecovative’s Newest Biofabrication Platform

Hi Everyone!

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of MycoFlex™, our next generation biofabrication platform! This platform, which allows us to grow pure mycelium structures in large sheets and customizable shapes and forms, is built upon the success, failures, and many technical learnings that went into the development of our MycoComposite™ platform.

MycoFlex™ is a step change for us in terms of performance and opens up a wide variety of market applications for mycelium that were previously out of reach. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of what this material is capable of, but have already started collaborations in areas from cellular scaffolding (for everything from growing bacon to new bones) to performance foams for apparel. Food, cosmetics and filtration are all additional markets we’re excited to build partnerships in, and we'll be exploring both academic and industry collaborations to drive these forward.

We worked with Bolt Threads to launch the first new material built on MycoFlex™ this year -- leather-like mycelium materials called Mylo™. I'm so excited with how it has turned out and even more excited that these beautiful products are already commercially available. (But not for long-- you have three days left to be one of the first on Space Ship Earth with a grown mycelium bag!)

MycoFlex™ represents the next research and production focus for Ecovative, and will allow us to expand beyond the composite platform that our current customers already love. We'll continue to provide our mycelium composites to existing markets (including packagingbuilding materialsbeautiful lightsdesign objectsacoustical panels and more), and will continue supporting our GIY community and the tens of thousands of people growing mycelium materials at home. We are excited to continue to share our knowledge in these applications and help others around the world grow with mycelium. We will be rolling out new tools and tech transfer packages to support local growing over the coming year.

If you'd like to learn more, check out the press release about our new platform, and stay tuned for more announcements in the next few months!