Mushroom® Packaging to Premiere Internationally at Interpack

Green Island, NY, May 2, 2014–

New York-based Ecovative offers Mushroom packaging, a Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified alternative to conventional plastic packaging. While many renewable packaging materials are made from plants, Ecovative is harnessing a kingdom that’s never been considered for materials: Fungi. This radical new technology has been proven in the US with customers such as Dell, Steelcase, and Crate & Barrel, and is now being launched globally. Mushroom® Packaging will be showcased in Dusseldorf, Germany at Interpack 2014, May 8-14th.

Mushroom Packaging, is made using two inputs: agricultural byproducts like corn stalks, and the root structure of mushrooms, called mycelium. No petrochemicals or plastics are part of the final product. This combination of mycelium and agricultural waste binds together to form a high performing and cost competitive custom-molded bio-composite, engineered to protect your product. As the last step of the process, Mushroom Materials are heat treated to stop the growth process and to ensure no spores or allergens are produced. Unlike plastic foams that are challenging to recycle and are often landfilled, Mushroom Packaging is home compostable, adding nutrients to the soil in your local neighborhood.

Ecovative has created a turn key manufacturing packaging that can be deployed in all areas of the globe, including Europe. Research with the US Department of Agriculture has created a foundation for a scalable material platform, making use of local agricultural waste streams, and benefiting local economies. Packaging produced today in the United States is based on corn stalks, while international facilities will utilize other local, plant waste feed stocks, such as rice and wheat straw. Mushroom® Packaging reduces dependence on fossil fuels, is good for the planet, and most importantly, will help keep your product safe on its destination to the customer.

Today, Mushroom® Packaging is being produced in North America through a partnership with the Sealed Air Corporation. This partnership has recently led to a new state of the art Mushroom Packaging manufacturing facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Sealed Air, with support from Ecovative, is currently growing packaging products for various Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders.

Ecovative is now ready to launch Mushroom® Packaging to the European market. Members of the company will be showcasing its revolutionary packaging technology at Interpack 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany at booth #12/C07-9 in the USA Pavilion. Ecovative is thrilled to be attending Interpack for the first time and excited to share with customers and potential partners the value that Mushroom Packaging can bring to Europe.