Planters made from GIY material

Excess GIY Material? We have ideas on how to put it to good use.

Do you have leftover material from your Grow It Yourself bag? Put it to good use!

Here is a short list (but certainly not the end of the possibilities!) of how you can use everyday items from around your house or office to make an improvised growth form! 

  • Pack between two glass nesting bowls 
    • Fill bottom bowl with material then press and wiggle the top bowl into the GIY material to make a uniform 2” thickness. Wrap exposed material edges with plastic wrap and let grow in a warm 72 degree spot for 5-6 days. Then remove and follow standard GIY instructions.
    • Place a small cup rim-side down in a larger cup, this will create a cavity to pack the material over.
    • Ice cube tray!
    • Bundt cake form
    • Bread pan to make a brick
    • Sandcastle Toys!
    • Silicon baking or Jello mold of fun shapes!

    We could go on, the list is endless!

    What are your favorite ways to make a last-minute growth form?  Post it in our GIY Community Forum! You might inspire others with your projects or find inspiration yourself!

    For the more advanced GIY user, you can keep the material alive in the fridge! Note: this only works if your GIY dehydrated material has completed Step 1, has been hydrated, and has been growing for 3-4 days. 

    • First, always sanitize your gloves and workstation.
    • Add a handful to a bowl, break up chunks if needed, sprinkle in  2 teaspoons of flour and mix. Pack your form, pressing down between layers gently.
    • Seal the bag back up, stopping before the white filter patch so the mycelium can breathe.
    • Repeat the first two steps when you are ready to use the material again. If your material feels a little dry just give it a light drizzle of water.
    • Use the bag within 2 weeks of the date you first rehydrated, or you could grow uninvited fun-guys ;)


    Happy Growing!