Ecovative Partners with CNC Exotic Mushrooms to Reach EU Market

Green Island, NY — Ecovative Design is partnering with Netherlands-based CNC Exotic Mushrooms to exclusivelydistribute its raw materials in Europe, supporting a growing ecosystem of mycelium-based companies and products throughout the European Union.

Ecovative uses its mycelium bio-fabrication platform to grow award-winning, environmentally friendly materials used in a wide range of products—from home compostable packaging to structural composites for furniture, acoustics, and buildings—and for wetland and landscape restorationThis partnership with CNC, which produces and distributes substrates used by professional growers of edible exotic mushrooms, allows Ecovative to support companies in the EU who want to create new and better products with mycelium.

Eben Bayer, CEO of Ecovative, comments “Ecovative is pleased to partner with CNC as our exclusive mycelium material provider in EuropeCNC brings tremendous expertise in growing mycelium as well as an established network of distributionOur goal in bringing a supply point of mycelium materials to Europe is to support and nurture the growing ecosystem of mycelium based products. By working with CNC we can assure a safe and certifiable source of mycelium materials.

Bert Rademakers, CEO of CNC Exotic Mushrooms, comments “We are specialized in exotic mushrooms and mycelium materials is a logical and interesting opportunity to grow our business and contribute to a world with Earth friendly materials. Our production facilities are well suited to produce with the Ecovative method.

For Europe users interested in ordering large quantities of bulk materials, for e.g. building projects, acoustical materials, or packaging, please contact CNC via ( or go to their website:

If you are an artist or designer and interested in ordering smaller quantities you may vist the Ecovative web-shop ( If you are interested in starting your own mycelium products business in Europe, please contact Ecovative directly or visit for licensing options.

About Ecovative

Ecovative is a biomaterials company that works to eliminate harmful plastics, obsolete animal slaughter, and enhance the best of plants and trees, using its patented mycelium bio-fabrication platform. Ecovative grows category defining products ranging from leather like textiles to sustainable packaging to high performance foams for apparel and beauty. Ecovative has been widely recognized for its technical and environmental contributions by organizations like the World Economic Forum and in the media including Wired Magazine, Forbes, and Time. Learn more at:

About CNC

CNC, founded in 1953 by Dutch mushroom growers, is Europe’s largest supplier of substrates for mushroom growing. CNC is the world technology leader in producing reliable and top quality mushroom substrates. CNC has 5 operating companies and 8 locations based in the Netherlands and Poland, the 2 largest mushroom producing countries in Europe. CNC Exotic Mushrooms is the operating company that produces exotic mushroom substrates, which production method is very comparable to mycelium materials. Learn more at