Ecovative Design Collaborating with Danielle Trofe Design to Launch GROW – A Grow-It-Yourself Lamp Made with Mushroom® Materials

Troy, NY and Brooklyn, NY – Creative consumers committed to the environment will soon have the opportunity to brighten their home or office with a fully grown lampshade made of sustainable materials – a lamp they can literally grow themselves.  Ecovative Design, the pioneer and world leader in the use of Mushroom®Materials to grow sustainable products for the home and office is collaborating with award-winning bio-designer Danielle Trofe, creator of the MushLume Lighting Collection, to introduce these new products.


GROW Lamp – the first designed by Trofe for Ecoative’s new GROW product line -- will be officially launched on Kickstarter September 20, 2017. These innovative and experiential lighting options will be available for purchase throughout the duration of the campaign, until October 19, 2017.

“Understanding the full lifecycle of a product helps you value it differently. We are continuously exploring ways to bring our innovative material science directly to the consumer. Empowering users to be a part of the growing process creates a greater understanding and connection to the objects, and to the effect those products have on their immediate environment and on the planet,” said Ecovative co-founder and CEO Eben Bayer.  “Danielle Trofe’s imaginative design and commitment to our materials, creates the perfect formula for this collaboration.”

“The overall goal of GROW Lamp is to challenge and change our ideas of what interior products are made from, how they’re made and ultimately where they will end up.  We want to disrupt not only the way in which we manufacture goods, but how consumers participate with interior goods. Through this experiential process, the user becomes the maker, connecting with the future of how we might better fit in on this planet, by GROWING biodegradable goods. It's not just a lamp, it's the future of design and YOU get to be a part of it” said Danielle Trofe, Designer and Principal of Danielle Trofe Design.

The GROW Lamp kit will contain a bag of Ecovative’s patented mixture of Mushroom® Material composed of non-food agriculture waste and mycelium (mushroom roots), a lampshade grow form, growing instructions and a UL certified pendant kit set.  Fully grown table lamps and pendant lamps, designed by Trofe, will be manufactured by Ecovative and available for purchase on Kickstarter starting September 20th.

Those growing their own lampshade will follow the directions, in four steps: Step One: Rehydrate, and let the material grow for three or four days. Step Two: Fill the lampshade form, then watch it grow to shape in three to four more days. Step Three: Bake the lampshade in a home oven to render the material inert. Step Four: Use the pendant kit set provided to create a pendant lamp or couple it with the tool-free assembly table stand to create a table lamp.

The GROW lamp is a chance to bring products by Ecovative into your home, showcasing the possibilities of biofabrication and design. In 2006, founder Eben Bayer (CEO) had the fundamental breakthrough idea that the mycelium of a mushroom can work as what they call “nature’s glue” to bind agriculture salvage and/or wood products together, and he teamed up with Gavin McIntyre (chief scientist & co-founder) to turn that idea into a business.  In addition to manufacturing sustainable packaging and furniture, including sustainable wall tiles, Ecovative created its GROW initiative. Trofe was one of the initial adopters.  GROW provides designers, architects, engineers, along with college and STEM initiatives – an opportunity to work directly with the Mushroom® Materials to see how each can grow safer, more sustainable plantersproducts, and even their own businesses.  All of these products target Ecovative’s goal of growing a more sustainable, circular economy.


About Ecovative Design

Ecovative is a leading biomaterials company growing high performance, premium, award-winning products that are safe, healthy, and certified sustainable. Ecovative’s packaging, interiors products, and GROW Mushroom® materials enable customers—including Fortune 500 companies - to meet their design, production, and delivery needs while achieving sustainability goals. Founded in 2007, the pioneer and world leader in mycelium-based biomaterials uses biology to grow materials with exceptional properties unattainable through conventional chemistry.


About Danielle Trofe Design

Danielle Trofe Design is a Brooklyn-based design studio that promotes a function-forward, sustainable and socially responsible approach to furniture and lighting design. By harnessing innovative technologies and material sciences to create functional and accessible design, Danielle aims to encourage a departure from conventional materials and production techniques in search of long-term, sustainable solutions.


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