GIY Maker Spotlight: Ashley Granter

GIY Maker Spotlight: Ashley Granter

Q: What first sparked your interest in the realm of mycology?

A: I was first inspired by mycology whilst I was studying at university to produce sustainable products that include a sense of material heritage and history. Products with a moral story provide a higher level of personal value and sensitivity towards their environmental impact.


Q: What exactly are you researching/working on?

A: Currently, I am working on a range of products that challenges the high amount of waste produced when hand carving wood. We undervalue what trees do for our planet; carving an object from timber should be a privilege, but to see the amount of wood shavings going to waste goes against honoring that. Through the use of mycelium, I am able to take wood shaving waste and give it a new lease of life, imbuing a story and history to the piece.

Q: What is the purpose of your research/work?

A: The purpose of my work is to produce products that are in harmony with the environment; good design shouldn’t come at the cost of our planet and its limited resources. With the increasing change of perceptions fighting against harmful plastics, I believe there is a huge gap in the market for alternative solutions to overcome this issue.

Q: What do you like most about working with mushrooms/mycelium?

A: The thing I appreciate most about working with mycelium is the fact that I know for certain that every day I will be expanding my knowledge with no end in sight. Mushrooms are abundant, yet our understanding is still limited to a point where they still hold mysteries of how they can support us.