GIY Maker Spotlight: Jon Grundon

1) What kind of art do you create?
I am a prop maker/sculptor by trade. At the moment, I work at my company Broken Hare. I am concentrating on animal friendly taxidermy.
2) How did you start working with mycelium?
I saw your product on Dezeen and quickly tried to recreate it using oyster mushrooms but just had a sloppy mess. So I ordered some from Ecovative and grew it in one of my existing silicone molds.
“Ok this is my first attempt at growing sculptures. This one is made from mushroom mycelium...”
3) What do you like about working with mycelium?
I love the process, watching natural elements work to turn waste into a solid mass. From a background with smelly resins, it’s worlds apart and a joy to work with.
4) What is your goal as an artist?
At the moment, I am looking to spread the word about mycelium by getting people thinking about using eco alternatives in my industry. And then to be able to manufacture my own packaging, for my product.
Thanks Jon!