Spooky & Sustainable Halloween Decor & Costume Ideas

Greetings GIYer’s and Halloween enthusiasts! As the leaves rustle and the nights grow longer, we find ourselves at the doorstep of the spookiest season of the year. That’s right - it’s Halloween time! In this blog post we’re going to unmask a treasure trove of inspiration for Halloween-inspired, bio-based projects that will bewitch your artistic spirit. Whether you're a seasoned GIY wizard or someone just dipping their toes into the cauldron of crafting, we’ve got something enchanting for everyone.

Critter Coffin

Imagine your Halloween decor taking an eerie yet environmentally conscious turn. Picture a small mycelium coffin nestled among your haunted display, emanating an otherworldly charm. Here are three ways to incorporate's pre-grown Critter Coffin into your decor. 


Succulent Planter

Turn your mycelium casket into a beautiful resting place for your succulents. This minimalist decor approach is a great way to decorate for Halloween in a more lighthearted and festive way. This seasonal table setting adds an element of mystery and intrigue, inviting curious glances and sparking conversations. 

Open Casket “Terrarium” 

If you’re a crafter who’s decor lean towards a dark nature aesthetic, this ones for you! To replicate an earthy graveyard surface, we grabbed a bag of reusable Moss Variety Pack by Asland from Michaels. Bonus points if you can forage real moss from the forest floor! Start by filling your Critter Coffin all the way to the top with each texture and color of moss included in the pack. Next, add one black air plant and one gray green air plant to each side for some height. As a final touch, pick a creepy crawler that would haunt your nightmares. Our minds immediately went to black widow spiders, ahh! 


Classic Candy Coffin

Which secret will you take to the grave with you? Ours is where we hide our favorite Halloween candy! Trick-or-treaters can have full access to the big candy bowl while you enjoy your secret stash. We won’t tell a soul! 


Spooktacular Skull

We filled a reusable skull growth form (originally used for pumpkins) with dehydrated GIY material to create a realistic Halloween decoration. Needless to say, we were so pleased with how this came out! The two-toned effect of the mycelium natural growing process gives it a perfect weathered look.  See our GIY material instructions to learn how to grow one for yourself! 



Masks are an essential part of Halloween costumes, which means so is plastic! With GIY material, you can easily grow a mask that’s equal parts eerie and eco-friendly. These masks were grown by KUO DUO, a pair of GIYer’s that have mastered the magic of mycelium. Learn how to make a custom growth form so you can grow a mask that will complete your costume! 


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