GIY Design Contest 2023

GIY Design Contest 2023

The GIY Design contest is a reminder that, when we collaborate with nature, innovation blossoms in remarkable ways. The entire team, thanks every participant who poured their passion into this endeavor. Your commitment to sustainability and biomimicry fuels our collective mission to create a regenerative future.

This year there were so many great submissions and with that came the tough decision making process. We're thrilled to share the results of the GIY Design Contest, where creativity and sustainability converged to forge a harmonious union between nature and design. After careful deliberation and passionate consideration, we present the triumphant visionaries who have redefined what's possible with mycelium.

From big ideas to everyday uses, our winners and honorable mentions took to the challenge and created innovative ways to display the power of mycelium. 

2023 GIY Design Contest Winners: 

10th Floor Hyphal Fidelity  10th Floor - Hyphal Fidelity:  Hyphal Fidelity is a pair of mycelium bookshelf speakers featuring an aluminum frame. We used this project as a way to push ourselves by using grown-in frames that support the mycelium body as well as the speaker components. While the exterior of the speakers exhibit a subtle texture, we created the conditions for the mycelium to grow a deeply patterned surface to scatter and dampen the sound waves produced by the speaker drivers. In the theme of fungi’s ability to transform and renew, we harvested high fidelity speaker drivers from an earlier era to install in these mycelium enclosures.
Carlos C. - MycoHaven Blocks:  An interlocking block system designed to produce catenary arch structures for application as ephemeral post-emergency housing in tropical conditions. The block system can also be adapted into other uses such as modular acoustic panels and interior space dividers. Prototypes of the blocks where made using's GIY kits but a variation of mycelium composite was developed using a Pleurotus species native to Puerto Rico (where the project was developed) and locally sourced vegetative waste was used as substrate. Carlos C MycoHaven Blocks
Kyle W Egg Caddie Kyle W. - Egg Caddie: 
An all-around better egg carton - high visibility, protective and home compostable.
Unexpected bonus: The Baker's Half Dozen / The Nest - a counter-top seat for your eggs, holds them still while they're on deck for your recipes. This egg caddie is great for everyday use, especially for those with egg laying hens. It is sustainable, and great to hold eggs in the fridge or countertop. 


2023 GIY Design Contest Honorable Mentions:

 Erik N. - Mycelium Desktop Computer: This is a desktop computer case made of mycelium. A computer monitor and Raspberry Pi computer are attached to the mycelium case with a 3D printed bracket. The computer can be used on any flat surface and has a keyboard and mouse connected by USB ports on the computer. Erik N - Mycelium Desktop Computer
Orblynx Academy Outdoor Furniture Orblynx Academy - Mycelium Outdoor Furniture: The Orblynx Academy team consisting of Katarina W., Mahsa R., Chinenye I., Olivia N., and Elham F., made eco-friendly and sustainable outdoor furniture. The team created table, stool, and bench tops, decorated them with milk paint and an eco-friendly protectant to maintain the sustainable nature of the assignment.