GIY Maker Spotlight: Grant Goldner

GIY Maker Spotlight: Grant Goldner

Q: What kind of art do you create?

A: My work is at the intersection of design, science, and engineering. Using natural strategies like biomimicry and biofabrication, I create products that address our relationship with the natural world from water sports gear to biodegradable packaging.


Q: How did you start working with mycelium?

A: In my search for sustainable materials to design surfboard fins, I found mycelium. After growing a set of fins, I quickly realized the properties of the material lent itself much better to other products. After joining Ecovative, I began to develop tutorials for other designers to take advantage of mycelium's unique material properties.

Q: What do you like about working with mycelium?

A: Mycelium has introduced me to scientific wet lab procedures through the intuitive lens of making things. As a designer, I have yearned for exposure to the sciences which has been challenging to access in a traditional academic setting.

Q: What is your goal as an artist?

A: As an industrial designer who grew up in an urban setting, and studied abroad in forests, I witnessed the great power of both the industrial and natural worlds. My goal is to harmonize these two worlds through innovation inspired by nature.